The 2 Most Beautiful and Remarkably Different Daman and Diu Beaches

2 most beautiful remarkably different daman and diu beaches

Do you want to spend your next vacation in a place with both black and white sand beaches, sandy and rocky beaches, quiet and happening beaches?

If your answer is Yes, you can plan your next holiday at Daman!

Daman is a small seaside town located on the western mainland of India and is one of the two regions that comprise the Union Territory of Daman & Diu. Apart from Daman’s history, its beaches are also one of the reasons why you should visit it. 

Daman is one of the most exotic beach destinations in India and is perfect for a romantic honeymoon or a relaxing family vacation.

The 2 most beautiful and remarkably different Daman and Diu beaches are Jampore Beach and Devka Beach.

A funny fact, however, is that these two beaches have nothing in common between them. From being located in two extreme ends to having completely different sand colours, these two beaches will mesmerise you with their distinct individuality.

The 2 Most Beautiful Yet Different Daman and Diu Beaches

Along the sands of Jampore Beach, Moti Daman
Along the sands of Jampore Beach, Moti Daman

Jampore Beach

Located 3 km south of the Daman bus stop, in Moti Daman, Jampore is a beautiful sandy beach and an ideal spot for vacationers to relax and take in the calm expanse of the sea.

An auto-rickshaw will take you there at Rs. 40 from Moti Daman and Rs. 100 (after negotiations) from the bus stop.

You can go there in the morning when it is at its pristine best. It is when the serene waves roll over the golden sands, the only other sound being that of the sublime silence around you. You can see the coastline shrouded in the early morning mist fading far away into the distance.

beautiful jampore beach coastline sandy shore
The beautiful coastline of Jampore Beach

The beach extends a long way to the sea here. So you can walk far into the sea with the waves reaching just up to your ankles. It’s one of the best places to visit in Daman for enjoying long quiet walks in the heavenly company of the sea, sand and sky.

taking a walk jampore beach
Walking along Jampore Beach

You will also find rows of casuarina plantations on the seashore shimmering in the morning light.

casuarina trees along jampore beach
Casuarina trees along Jampore Beach

The shops with plastic chairs and bamboo shades lining the shore open up for tourists at around 9 or 10 am, time enough for you to take a quiet stroll and then have breakfast. You can also avail the horse riding options at the beach.

Devka Beach

Devka Beach is located on the other end of the town, 3 km north from the bus stop, in Nani Daman.

This is a rocky and more popular beach, suitable for fun and activity loving travellers.

An auto-rickshaw from the bus stop will take about Rs. 70 – 80 for dropping you to Devka Beach.

rocky devka beach nani daman
The rocky Devka Beach

All the best luxury hotels in Daman are located on this beach, jostling for their share of the breathtaking coastline. In case you are interested in checking into a five-star accommodation, then this is the place for you. You can enjoy a cool glass of cocktail while watching the sunset over the gorgeous sea. The activities organised by the hotels are an added attraction.

A distinct quality of this beach is the black colour of its sand and the abundance of pebbles. The black sand finds use in various construction sites.

sunset devka beach
A beautiful sunset at Devka Beach

You can view some of the best sunsets from Devka Beach. A relaxing evening can be spent here with your family. You can also bring your kids who can have a good time at the amusement park located at the beachside.

family fun devka beach
Family fun at Devka Beach

Which of these 2 Daman and Diu beaches do you like: Jampore or Devka?

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