6 Places To Visit in Diu For Mind-Blowing Experiences

6 places to visit in diu mind blowing experiences

A solitary fort by the sea that reminds you of colonial eras, limestone caves that lie in a mysterious spell of light and shadows, a bird sanctuary to enthrall bird watching enthusiasts, a museum that houses seashells from all over the world, a memorial built for martyrs in war, special cycling tracks all around the city and a unique breed of trees found nowhere else in the world – Diu offers a variety of fascinating experiences that is sure to make your holiday most memorable.

Paradise on earth, Diu, also known as Ilha de Calma (Isle of Calm) in Portuguese, is located off the western coast of Kathiawad in Gujarat, India.

The better half of Daman, comprising the Union Territory of Daman & Diu, this exotic island is a must-see for anyone looking for a quiet island vacation coupled with magical experiences. Diu’s beaches, its rich Portuguese history and its diverse array of attractions will surely leave you spellbound. 

So here are 6 places to visit in Diu for mind-blowing experiences that you cannot afford to miss on your trip to Diu:

6 Places To Visit in Diu For Mind-Blowing Experiences

1. Travel back in time with the majestic Diu Fort

Tucked away in the rightmost corner of the island, this magnificent relic of Portuguese rule is sure to enchant you with its colonial charms. Armed with majestic bastions, innumerable cannons and unrestrained views of the vast sea, Diu Fort is a must-see on your itinerary. If you manage to climb up the sloped pathways to the highest point near the lighthouse, you will be rewarded with a gorgeous view of the blue Arabian Sea.

arabian sea view diu fort
A majestic view of the Arabian Sea from Diu Fort

2. Explore your adventurous side with the Naida Caves

Diu has something for everyone. So for all the adventurous souls out there, a visit to the Naida Caves is absolutely recommended. Set in a circular route with little red arrows guiding the way, these limestone caves will awaken the adventurer in you. Visit on a bright sunny day and you can expect to be lost in an ethereal environment ensconced in a strange play of light and shadow and a silence that is almost otherworldly.

light shadow play inside naida caves
A play of light and shadow inside the Naida Caves

3. Hear the echo of seashells at the Seashell Museum

Quite near one of the most popular Diu tourist places, Nagoa Beach, but away from its hullabaloo, this quaint, unconventional space is sure to put a smile on your face. If you reach there in the morning, you will find retired navy Captain Devjibhai Vira Fulbaria arrive in his scooter, pull up the shutter and give you a welcoming nod. As you will enter the museum, you will be awe-struck with his mesmerising collection of seas shells spread around the cramped space. With microscopes fitted inside the glass cabinets, the marine world will come alive in full glory. Boasting of the largest collection of seashells in Asia with over 3000 different exhibits in all shapes and sizes, the captain’s passion and collection of seashells will leave you in wonderment.

seashell collection seashell museum diu
A spectacular collection of seashells at the Seashell Museum, Diu

4. Pay homage to martyrs of war at the INS Khukery

This war memorial reminisces the courage of Captain Mahendra Nath Mulla, Mahavir Chakra, who stood by his crew and Naval Ship, Khukery when it was hit by torpedoes from a Pakistani submarine during the India Pakistan War of 1971. Apart from the huge replica of the ship, there is also an open amphitheatre with splendid views of the sea. Don’t miss out on the spectacular sunrises and sunsets that can be seen from the place.

war memorial martyrs INS Khukery Diu
The war memorial at INS Khukery, Diu

5. Identify the unique Hokka Trees

Make sure to have a rendezvous with the Hokka trees on your trip to Diu. Also known as “gingerbread tree”, this odd tree, a native of the Nile Valley, has branches streaming out from a singular trunk and small red seeds. It is seen abundant along the streets of Diu and found only in this region of India. The seeds are mostly used for country liquor and there is an interesting myth that floats around these trees which any local will tell you. According to the belief, the trees will germinate as female only if planted in your friend’s house instead of your house.

unique hokka trees diu
The unique Hokka Trees of Diu

6. Relax with a ride along the Diu cycling track

One of the best ways to explore Diu is by hopping on a cycle. As a part of the green initiative by the Government, Diu offers the unique experience of cycling by sea. Let the early morning air and fresh sea breeze fill you with positivity as you unwind away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. The 4.2 km track along the city is sure to fill you with a burst of much-needed rejuvenation. Grab a bicycle from the many shops near the bus station and explore the island town leisurely on two wheels.

beautiful cycling track diu sea
Diu’s beautiful cycling track by the sea

Which of these 6 places to visit in Diu do you like best? Do you have any other places to add to the list?

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