Top 5 Interesting Facts About Daman’s History

top 5 things to know daman history

If you are tired of the crowded beaches of Goa and are looking forward to spending some quiet days by the sea, then your next vacation can be at this lesser-known paradise called Daman & Diu. Most people travel for Daman and Diu’s beaches but a look at their history will tell you about their rich cultural heritage. In fact, Diu is an excellent place for heritage tourism.

The two comprise the Union Territory of Daman & Diu and are generally pronounced together. But did you know that they are separated from each other by a distance of about 640 kilometres by road?


Well, now you do!

Where and How to Reach

Think of a serene seaside town echoing with the quaint charm of colonial history and the unhurried beckon of the blue sea and you wouldn’t be too far from describing Daman!

Located on the western coast of India, Daman is the other half of the Union Territory, Daman & Diu. Vapi, at a distance of 12 kms, is the main access point for this coastal town. Vapi is well connected to the rest of the country through Ahmedabad in Gujarat and Mumbai in Maharashtra.

You can avail any of the several trains that ply between Ahmedabad and Mumbai or the overnight buses to reach Vapi. Road trip lovers can take the Mumbai-Ahmedabad-NH 8 Highway. Taxis and auto-rickshaws are available from Vapi for Daman. So are Gujarat State Transport buses.

But, before you head over to the Internet and book your flight and hotel, here are 5 interesting facts about Daman’s history. An integral part of Daman tourism is its history and you should know about it if you are planning to travel there.

Top 5 Interesting Facts About Daman’s History

The Portuguese

Daman was a Portuguese colony for about 400 years. This piece of land was discovered in 1523 by the Portuguese, Diogo de Melo, when a storm blew his boat to the coast of Daman while he was sailing towards Ormuz. The St. Jerome Fort in Daman is an excellent piece of Portuguese architecture.

Portuguese India emblem
The emblem of Portuguese India

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Game of Thrones

Daman has a potpourri of cultural influences handed over by several empires and kingdoms like the Chalukyas, Rashtrakutas, Mauryas, Satavahanas, Traikutakas and the Portuguese who have fought and ruled over it.

Home Sweet Home

Daman became a part of the Indian Republic in 1961, but it was only after 26 years that it finally got recognised as a separate Union Territory.

daman daman and diu india old image
An old image of Daman

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O Damania!

If Mumbaikars are from Mumbai, Bongs are from Kolkata, then Damanias are from… Yeah! You guessed it right – Daman.

Moreover, the ‘Damania’ surname is shared by three different religious communities, namely Parsis, Shia Muslims and Gujarati Hindus!

Old is Gold

Even the wealthiest person of Daman Village, ‘Mamodo Alibhoi’, who is also coincidentally the owner of Daman’s oldest hotel, ‘Hotel Brighton’, and most popular bar, ‘Regal Bar’, added ‘Damania’ to his surname!

hotel brighton daman daman and diu india
Hotel Brighton in Daman

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Interested? Want to know more?

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