The Complete Guide To Diu’s Beaches

complete guide to diu beaches

Are you one who loves a quiet stroll on a beach? Or one who likes the adrenaline rush of the beach activities? Do you want to spend a romantic honeymoon at an exotic beach destination? Or are you looking for a fun-filled beach holiday with your family?

If you are interested in any or all of the above, you don’t have to look further. You can plan your next vacation at Diu.

From virgin to vivacious, from adventurous to amorous, Daman and Diu’s beaches have something for everyone.

Where and How to Reach

Diu is a small island in western India surrounded by the Arabian Sea and the states of Gujarat and Maharashtra. Along with Daman, it comprises the Union Territory of Daman & Diu. 

With the absence of a railway station, Diu can be reached from Delwada and Veraval in Gujarat, at a distance of 9 and 90 kilometres respectively, of which Veraval has the major trains, including one from Ahmedabad.

However, a smart choice would be an hour’s flight to Diu from Mumbai.

The last option can be state-run buses from Ahmedabad, Mumbai or Daman, all of which are quite cumbersome involving overnight journeys. The nearest village to Diu is Una, which is connected to several locations in Gujarat.

Diu offers a wide variety of experiences for travellers – be it bird watching, heritage tourism or adventure activities. For all beach lovers, Diu offers a splendid variety of beaches that will leave you spoilt for choice.

Complete Guide To Diu’s Beaches

Here’s a complete guide to Diu’s beaches: 

Nagoa Beach

Probably the most popular and commercial beach of Diu, Nagoa is a beautiful white sandy beach with turquoise waters. Its shallow and crystal clear waters offer a soothing dip while its soft sands let you sunbathe and relax completely. You may also take part in the array of water-based activities like parasailing, speed boating and water skiing available or take a ride on a camel or pony. Another attraction at Nagoa Beach is the Hokka Trees, a type of palm tree that is specific only to this region in India. With its slew of hotels nearby, it is the perfect place to book your accommodation.

beautiful white sandy nagoa beach diu
The beautiful white sandy Nagoa Beach in Diu

Ghoghla Beach

The largest beach of Diu, Ghoghla Beach is located in the Indian mainland. It has all the ingredients for a perfect getaway with water sports, food and accommodation available at hand. Ghoghla Beach also gives you splendid views of sunrise and sunsets. If you are lucky, you may also catch sight of some dolphins.

Jallandhar Beach

Go a kilometre away from the town and you will be greeted with wide, clean roads with the beach and sea just beside. Here is where you will find the Jallandhar Beach. Climb up the hillock beside it to find the Jallandhar Shrine, a dome-shaped shrine of Jallandhar, a mythological demon slain by Lord Krishna. A walk along the separate pathways built along the road is also beautiful where you take in a breath full of the sea breeze. If you keep on walking straight, you will find many viewpoints along the way ideal for sunrise and sunsets and finally reach the INS Khukery Memorial and Chakratirth Beach, the next on our list.

Chakratirth Beach

With a coastal length of 21 kilometres, Diu has plenty of beaches to explore. Chakratirth Beach has a beautiful coastline, and with the sea projecting into the mainland, it looks more like a lagoon. It’s a quiet, sequestered beach and one of the best places to visit in Diu for spectacular sunsets.

quiet chakratirth beach diu
The quiet Chakratirth Beach in Diu

Gomatimata Beach

Last but not least is Gomatimata Beach. Lying in the secluded westernmost corner of Diu Island, it is a pristine beach that offers a perfect communion with nature. The gentle rhythm of waves, the whistling of palm trees and the occasional call of gulls will transport you to a surreal world. Buses for this beach leave from the bus station in the city frequently.

serene gomatimata beach diu
The serene Gomatimata Beach in Diu

Which is your favourite beach in Diu?

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