Top 5 Things To Do in Daman

top 5 things to do in daman

Beautiful beaches, historic monuments and an infectious laid-back charm will make you fall in love with this lesser known holiday destination – Daman.

A tiny coastal town on the west coast of India, Daman is an ideal getaway from the crowded metros of Ahmedabad and Mumbai, being 12 kilometres away from Vapi, the main access point for the metros. Daman’s history is one of the reasons why you should explore it. Apart from that, Daman and Diu’s beaches are also reason enough to plan your holiday here.  

Top 5 Things To Do in Daman

Here’s a list of top 5 things to do in Daman in case you have planned to spend your next vacation there:

1. Unwind at Jampore and Devka Beach

Daman has two beautiful beaches situated at either end of the town. While Jampore Beach lets you experience the unbridled beauty of nature with its endless expanse of sea and sand, Devka Beach ensures you can enjoy your perfect family holiday with hotel accommodations, restaurants and lots of fun activities lining the beach along with spectacular sunset points.

sunset devka beach daman india
Sunset at Devka Beach, Daman, India

2. Admire the Portuguese architecture of Bom Jesus Church

Located right near the entrance to the Secretariat area, this parish church dedicated to Bom Jesus is one of the best places to visit in Daman for tourists and pilgrims alike. The lofty ceilings, intricately carved doors and facades, painted wooden altar and pulpit will leave you in awe of the ornate craftsmanship of the Portuguese artisans. As you enter through the gigantic doors, the solemn silence will enthrall you and the looming statues will fill you with a deep reverence for the place.

portuguese architecture church bom jesus daman india
The Portuguese architecture in The Church of Bom Jesus, Daman, India

3. Explore the Moti Daman Fort

Following the straight road from the Church of Bom Jesus will bring you to the Fort of Moti Daman. Wandering around the ruins, you can relive the history of battles fought over this fort as early as 16th century AD. Previously built to guard against the Mughals before the arrival of the Portuguese, the fort area currently houses all the government and municipal buildings. From atop the fort, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the Arabian Sea and Daman city.

historical fort moti daman daman india
The historical Fort of Moti Daman, Daman, India

4. Seep in the beauty of St. Jerome Fort

Right opposite the Moti Daman Fort, on the other side of the Daman Ganga River, in Nani Daman, is the St. Jerome Fort. Named after one of the most revered fathers of Catholic Church, it was commenced by the 12th Portuguese Viceroy of India, Dom Jeronimo de Azevado, in 1614 AD and completed in 1672 AD. You are sure to notice the giant entrance of this fort bearing the huge statue of St. Jerome and two human figures on either side. From the fort, you will get brilliant views of Daman Jetty, Moti Daman Fort and lighthouse and the blue sea and sky blending into the horizon.

st jerome fort nani daman
The giant entrance to the St. Jerome Fort with the statue of St. Jerome and two human figures

5. Discover lost history with the ruins of Dominican Monastery

A trip to Daman will be incomplete without a visit to the ruins of Dominican Monastery. A must see on your itinerary, this used to serve as the headquarters of theological studies where Catholic scholars from around the world used to visit. If possible, you can attend the mass held in honour of St. Dominic on the third Sunday in December.

ruins dominican monastery daman and diu india
The ruins of Dominican Monastery in Daman, India

Which is your favourite tourist spot in Daman? Do you have any other things to add to the top 5 things to do in Daman? 

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