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Hi, this is ARTOHUS. 

I’m a digital marketer, round the world traveller, photographer, blogger and poet. 

artohus digital marketer world traveller photographer blogger poet
ARTOHUS – Digital Marketer. Round the world traveller. Photographer. Blogger. Poet.

Here’s my story. 

I’ve always been a rebel. Be it running away from home as a kid to break away from routine life or deciding to choose a Hotel Management institute over a renowned university that almost my entire family had passed out from. 

Yes, I was always the dark horse. Maybe because I could never bring myself to choose the conventional options that I was expected to take up. I could never see myself following the natural progression of life as was laid down by the society. For me, life didn’t mean just earning money and working away at a job. For me, life meant constantly exploring the changing frontiers of your soul and the world. It was about seeing new places, meeting new people, learning new things, collecting memories. So I could never look at life from such a constricted point of view. 

Hotel management gave me a chance to explore something different. It was a completely new and fascinating world for me. I absorbed the intricacies of this new world raptly. I worked with renowned brands of hotels like Taj and ITC. My 6 years of study and professional experience in the hospitality industry completely change me as a person. From the imaginative person that I was before, I transformed into a polished, groomed individual. Also, I mastered the nuances of the working of the hospitality industry. It’s what got me interested in the global hospitality and tourism scenario and slowly sowed the seeds of travel inside me. 

while working in hospitality industry
During my hospitality industry days

However, it was only a matter of time when I realised the golden prison I was in. Stuck within the fixed and extensive hours of work, I understood I had dug a grave for myself. I rarely found the time to travel or do what I loved. My heart used to sigh as I would spend entire days sitting in an underground office, working away at my computer or answering calls from across the world. The more I interacted with the wonderful guests from around the world, the more my heart yearned to visit their country, understand their culture, taste their food. I would be curious to talk to them to know about their way of life. I quietly tried to find ways to escape from this cage and claim my freedom. 

That’s when I started reading up about blogging. For the first time, I heard about a breed of people called “travel bloggers”. As I read more and about them and their lives and the stories they had to share, I realised this was exactly what I wanted to do. However, there was one specific article which helped me make up my mind. After reading Adam Pervez’s story, I was sure that it was possible. That there was a way out. That this was not the end of my life. 

After that, it was just preparation. I immediately quit my job. I took a year off and started educating myself more about blogging. Every single day, I went to sleep with the dream to make my passion a reality. And every day, I was one day closer to achieving my dream. Eight months later, I opened my travel blog. I decided upon an offbeat destination where no one would know me, booked a one-way ticket and after two months, set off on my nomadic journey. 

The sheer radicalness of the decision hit me after I was on the road. Surrounded by the unknown, I felt this tingling sense of excitement that I had never experienced before. Having no fixed destination, being completely anonymous turned out to be the best feeling ever. The freedom and joy of being on the road were unparallel. 

travelling like a nomad for a year
Travelling like a nomad for a year

I was on the road for almost a year. I had never felt more alive in my entire life that I did during that year. I had never had such varied experiences in my 24 years of life that I did in just that one year. I did everything one could possibly do. I lived in palaces, slept on floors, worked on organic farms, had a close encounter with death, explored an entire city in just a tuk-tuk, experienced a centuries-old tradition in a quaint village and lived my life like there was no tomorrow. 

We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us

– Anonymous

Being on the road changed the very core of my existence. I found answers to questions I never knew I had. It told me things about myself I never knew. It showed me parts of myself I never knew existed. I realised I was born to travel. I also realised I was not meant to be a nomad. To follow the trend just because everyone else is doing it is foolishness and not being true to yourself. You are unique and you have your own path of life. Follow that and you will never have any regrets. 

artohus embracing life
Embracing life with open hands and no regrets

After I got back home after one full year of nomadic travel, I spent a lot of time reflecting. This was when I realised that I was a homesick traveller. What this meant was that I loved spending some parts of the year travelling like a nomad and the other parts at home. As soon as I figured this out, I tried to reorganise my life accordingly. I knew that I wanted to continue my passion for blogging. This resulted in my foray into the world of digital marketing. I spent two years learning the in and out of digital marketing and working with brands to hone my expertise. 

This is my lifestyle presently. I divide my time between my digital marketing projects and my travels. And the truth is that I’ve never been happier. 

I strongly believe in the fact that you have just one life and thus you should not keep any regrets. Follow your passion. See where it leads you. If you have the faith, you will definitely find a way. 

So what’s your story? 

About The Blog

unseen destinations guide to offbeat and responsible travel
Unseen Destinations – Your Guide To Offbeat and Responsible Travel

Take nothing but memories, leave nothing but footprints!

― Chief Seattle

Unseen Destinations was born with the sole purpose of making travel meaningful for travellers. We all travel for various reasons. The main aim of this blog is to help you fulfil your purpose of travel. It attempts to attain this purpose with the help of two objectives. 

The first is by making offbeat destinations accessible to travellers. With the advent of technology, very few parts of the world have been left undiscovered by humans. However, there are still places where you can escape far from the madding crowd, ignore the rush of tourists and discover the inherent beauty of a destination. Once you take the offbeat route, you will discover the happiness of being lost and that of finding yourself, hopefully. This blog provides you with the knowledge and information of and inspiration for such destinations so that you can make your travels more personal, purposeful and meaningful. 

The second objective is to promote the concept of responsible travel among travellers like you. With the current state of globalisation and climate crisis, a huge onus lies on travellers to take the sustainable path. We help you embark on that road by providing the information and inspiration. Not only does responsible travel help you in creating lesser ecological footprints as you go but also an immersive travel experience as a whole. For example: by choosing to stay in homestay accommodations, you not only ensure employment to the local people but also get a chance to be a part of the local culture. 

Is offbeat and responsible travel a part of your travel outlook too? 

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